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In-Vessel Composting Systems


Wasteology Systems Ltd evolved into designing and manufacturing its IVC unit over four years ago.  We work very closely in conjunction with Donarbon Ltd in Cambridgeshire to produce an IVC site which meets all the requirements necessary.  These requirements included the site complying to the ABPR, the composting units being reliable and the site to be cost effective amongst others.


Health and Safety and the practicalities of site operation have always been the fundamental in the development of our designs.

The Wasteology Vessels conform to Essential Health and Safely Requirements, the following EEC Directives: 98/37/EEC, 73/23/EEC and 89/336/EEC and the following transposed harmonised standards: BS EN 292-1, BS EN 292-2, BS EN 1050

Whilst having thousands of tonnes being processed with gaining more experience we have implemented upgrades to improve the systems performance for the end user. 

    These upgrades consist of:

  • solid concrete walls for the vessels, with steel kick board
  • stainless steel running gear
  • stainless steel roof trusses
  • walkways around the top of vessel walls, easy access
  • all vessel roofs have electric open/close with manual override

Expansion of Wasteology System

A major benefit is that the system is modular. Increasing capacity is simply a matter of constructing extra concrete walls to existing bank of vessels to create additional vessels.


As a company we aim to keep at the front of the industry and provide reliable, efficient and cost effective solutions, to do this we have to listen to what is needed.  As well as being able to provide IVC units we can also supply the technology for Mechanical Bio-degradable Treatment (MBT) plants.



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