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Mechanical Biological Treatment - Backhus LT Composting System


Wasteology Systems Limited has developed a new solution for processing MSW waste incorporating a Backhus lane turner.  The Backhus in-vessel composting system offers high efficiency and great economy. The system can be used for composting, bioremediation and mechanical biological treatment (MBT).

The Backhus LT composting system has been designed as an enclosed process to control odours and bio-aerosols. Our air ventilation system within the vessel is bio-filtered and the roof design means operators and the Backhus LT mechanics and electrics are kept away from gases given off by the waste. We believe operator safety is paramount; gases given off by bio-degrading waste are retained within the vessel well away from the turner operator. Also as the Backhus LT mechanics and electronics are working outside the waste processing area, the machines life span is increased dramatically.

Bio-degradation, yield reductions and other applications for the Backhus LT composting system are detailed in our brochure, which is easily downloaded as a PDF in the links at the bottom of the page.

Capacity – 40,000 to 150,000 tonnes per annum

Mechanical Biological Treatment - MBT

The main elements to the system are:

  • Combined fully enclosed treatment vessels and sorting hall
  • Roof design keeps waste away from the Backhus operator and mechanics
  • Agitated bed for a totally optimized composting process
  • Flow through process design, simple controls
  • Compact vessel design means less air ventilation, lower costs and the use of a versatile zoned air system
  • The modular vessel design is easily expandable

See how the Backhus LT composting system works (178Mb)
(Right click on the video and choose "Save Target As..." to save the file for viewing)

See how the Backhus LT composting system works (178Mb)

and watch our new process technology here:-










Wasteology Systems Limited can manage the complete ‘turnkey’ MBT solution. We have experience of full site design, being main contractors and managing PFI projects.

Please download our Backhus LT composting System Brochure and Backhus Technical Sheet for more information.

We also have a brochure on our Wasteology Enclosed Tunnel System for Processing Organic Waste Streams




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