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Wasteology Entry Level IVC Systems

Our new simple affordable Wasteology IVC is constructed using our tried and tested fan units, air ducts, temperature monitoring system and Static roof kits incorporated into a basic vessel design.

Wasteology Entry Level IVC Systems


  • Lowest cost IVC system on the market
  • Utilises your existing concrete pad
  • Radial low cost design to avoid large capital outlay, which allows you to tender for short term contracts
  • Suitable for all green waste and kerbside waste
  • Accelerated process, allowing more tonnes processed per site
  • The system can be built to scale to match your daily intake and capacity can be easily increased due to the modular design
  • Reduced site odours, bio-aerosols and leachate problems
  • Satisfies increased rules and regulations imposed by the Environment Agency and or government bodies
  • From £39,750 per installed vessel (on existing concrete slab)

IVC System Features


  • Solid concrete back walls, giving high strength to cope with large loading shovels
  • Side walls are constructed using precast wall systems
  • Double-lined bio gas-proof roof, the PVC roof lining runs from the wall tops all across the roof internally and externally. Therefore, the steel structure is protected from the hostile environment within the vessel and all condensation is contained within the vessel.
  • Rain water is contamination free due to sealed roof design
  • Stainless steel fan units (same units as used on our Rectracta Roof™ system)
  • Virtually block proof galvanised steel air ducts (same units as used on our Rectracta Roof™ system)
  • Galvanised steel roller shutter doors – choice of manual or electric opening
  • Uses our own temperature monitoring system (similar temperature probes as our Rectracta Roof™ system)

The above illustrations show vessel walls constructed with the ‘Bunker Wall’ system from Moore Concrete Products Limited, the Community Design Registration number for this product is 001647983-0001.




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